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    I'm playing it on PC now.
    Graphics are very nice, especially the knight looks very cool. Environments to. I highly prefer this over Trine 2.
    Controls are not as bad as I thought although definitely not platformer worthy. Humour is alright. Problem is.. there is so little of it since there is not much dialogue.

    But above "problems" are made ten times worse because I end up wandering the cave lost. looking for an item or chamber. Even when I know HOW to solve the puzzle. So this means 15 minutes of searching without dialogue and jumping, climbing etc.

    This game definitely needs a map! (obviously with greyed out parts which you haven't discovered yet) Or a zoom button or something!
    Also a "teleport other 2 characters to my location button" since the game already does that automatically anyway if you wander to far.

    I found a "pass camera" button under controls but that doesn't seem to do anything, perhaps a bug?

    There is also is a sever lack of story. Not even the environments really tell a story. For example in the beginning you have to steal some stuff in the off limits personnel area, but that whole section looks nothing like a personnel area. In fact I thought I accidentally skipped that part or something.

    Also the cave contradicts itself, continuity is lost. For example he says specifically nobody can die in the cave. And then later on continues making jokes about how the other adventurers died and he has to get rid of the bodies, it's a running gag almost. This sounds like nitpicking but since there is not that much dialogue to begin with..

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