#9510189, By Darren DEFIANCE: TV Sci-fi Meets MMO

  • Darren 17 Apr 2013 08:09:02 9,539 posts
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    I watched about an hour of the Defiance pilot before switching over to watch The Following.

    I didn't think much to what I saw though and ended up picking up my iPad 4 after about 30 minutes because I was starting to get bored which is never a good sign. It was the pilot after all, designed to grab the viewers and, unfortunately, for me it just didn't do that. I had the same problem with Falling Skies too, a series I just stopped watching after four episodes. I did record it though so I may watch the rest at some point before I delete it from my Sky HD box.

    I guess there is nothing especially wrong with Defiance but it just doesn't have that hook that made me want to watch it. The series may be more enjoyable if you're also playing the game (which I'm not as MMORPGs don't appeal to me these days either).
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