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    Just want some some opinions on this

    I sold a game cube disc of zelda collector's edition the disc was in mint condtion it was like new infact it looked as if it was just made

    the buyer contacted me after a couple of days and told me the game keeps freezing and crashing i asked if it had come up with any read errors and he said no

    I know its not the disc as its brand new so i had a look on the net and alot of people have had issues with this game and had alook on the net and found this

    Although the game mentions "sound irregularities" on the disc as a result of porting Majora's Mask to the GameCube, no mention was made of another widespread issue. It seems to be common for the game to freeze play without warning. Supposedly this problem can be encountered less if one opts not to use the rumble function.

    The games included on the disc are not actually ported in the traditional sense of the term, but rather the (slightly altered) ROMs (Read-only memory) of the original games are run via emulators; this has been proven by the ROM dumping community, who have been able to extract authentic ROMs of all these games from the disc, and they can even be booted on their original consoles with a copier or flash cart (depending on the console).

    Because they are only emulated (rather than altered for the new console) there are some problems, most notably some of the music in Majora's Mask is said to be inaccurate. Furthermore, there have been many complaints regarding unexpected crashes and freezes, save files being deleted, and even failure to save the game altogether. Similar problems have been reported to exist in the emulated version of Ocarina of Time, including lack of lens flares when looking at the sun. Despite these concerns it was still received very well by fans of the series.

    These problems appear to stem from problems with Nintendo's proprietary emulator rather than the ROMs themselves, as they have been successfully run on various fan-created emulators without many commonly cited problems occurring. Additionally, fan-made emulators have had various bugs and compatibility fixes applied to them over several years, whereas Nintendo's emulator obviously will not receive any such support.

    Also playing this on a massive tv would this make the issue much worse?
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