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    Jimster71 wrote:

    ...if there were 20 cars in the game and 50 races, to me it reads like you would have to get 1000 wins for the achievement.
    Not so!! Each car has it's own set of races (5 or 6) from what I've seen, so the number would be more like 250 - 300. It actually makes sense, as coming first in all races with each car means they'll all be fully upgraded by the time you're done (coming first unlocks 2 mods for that car, coming second only unlocks 1)

    If anyone else is like me and thinks 7 days is too long to wait, there has been a raft of gameplay vids uploaded to Youtube today. Channel FyreUK had a couple of the best, one of theirs included a pretty good look at some of the crazy MP events.

    Have to say though, the majority of them seem to have been done in conjunction with EA and Machinima to promote the game - I must've watched half a dozen today that all stated within the first 2 minutes of commentary "I got this copy early as I'm a Machinima partner - I don't normally play racing games" and then they proceed to drive like 5 year olds and can't seem to grasp some of the basics of racing games like going fast, not crashing etc. One even bemoaned the lack of a storyline FFS!! Ugh.

    Anyway, plenty of good vids on there now if you have time to sort the wheat from the shitters...
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