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    It's been watered down already in the UK.

    'Implied consent', heh. Basically, when the government realised they couldn't hope to meet the law themselves, it gets watered down so far as to be effectively unenforceable (which it was anyway, to be fair).

    It can't be enforced on sites where cookies are required for basic functionality (i.e. shopping sites), and even Google Analytics is a grey area. Hence the most that will happen is guidelines towards compliance, if you can show you're doing something (i.e. a privacy policy mentioning cookie usage) you're unlikely to be prosecuted IMO. No way is explicitly having to ask permission of your users ever going to work.

    It's also opened the door for shady companies to make money out of it by scaring small businesses into paying them to do a compliance survey.

    Waste of everyone's time, as Rauper said.
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