#9600828, By Phattso Iron Man 3

  • Phattso 27 May 2013 04:06:30 22,911 posts
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    I saw the Chinese cut of the film last night. As you can imagine, there were no English subtitles during the added bits but what little I could glean from my pidgin Mandarin (no pun intended) suggests it was something about herbal medicine or acupuncture providing the key to removing the fragment from his chest. But it mainly looked like a Neutrogena advert. :)

    Film was an odd one. It crammed a shitload in there, and so much ran over the top of other stuff that it felt very very chaotic. I basically enjoyed it (and certainly more than the second movie) but I don't think there was much in there for me.

    The bits with the kid felt like they belonged in a different movie, something by Schmaltzberg, but I'd have to admit that I know fuck all about the character from the comics so maybe not so much.
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