#8760461, By Onny Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

  • Onny 6 Jun 2012 15:22:55 5,695 posts
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    Oh god - this game is GOOOOOOOOD. Here's a quick list:

    - button config (and test!) in character select screen
    - tutorial mode to show you the ropes
    - choose from ranked, player match, or "room" (lobby match)
    - ranked match shows you player name, disconnect rate, and rank in the list itself - no need to connect to find out the guy's a doofus
    - while perusing ranked match, you are open to challenges! no more watching a blank screen
    - game looks amazing and flows at a solid 60fps
    - music is great! Really nice "sega" music if you get my meaning
    - netcode, so far, is very good. Not SCV good, but better than SFxT IMO. Most games are lag free and it feels like it's responding quickly to my commands.

    What a game! Got to 1st Dan and I'm pretty chuffed with that - although TBH you can't go "down" in ranks before you get there, so everyone will reach it eventually. Nice variety of characters too. I'm using Sarah at the moment since she's pretty easy, and I've come across pretty much all the other characters IIRC.

    With regards to the costume packs; as I understand it, the packs aren't 2GB each - you download one and you have them all. But you can only use the ones which you've bought. So if I choose to buy and download the Sarah pack, if I later decide I want Jeff's as well then I don't need to download another 2GB, it just unlocks.
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