#8789314, By Onny Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

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    uiruki wrote:
    Lot of people seem to be ranking up very quickly. Is it true that they removed ranking down after 1st Dan? In vanilla getting past 10th Dan was rock hard because you had to beat five people at your level without losing against any. I think it threw you back down after 3 losses after that, too.
    Yep, looks like it. I have played (and beaten) quite a few guys who have been a post-10th dan rank (Raider or whatever). Then again, I just got owned by a 10th kyu Wolf! Haha!

    Man, Jean is such a tricky bitch to fight. I aware of the hypocrisy as I fucking rinse sarah's flamingo for profit, but christ - he has some nice mixups and some greats combos. Must use the bounce move more often!!
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