#8816524, By Onny Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

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    Ah, this game. This game!

    I have 350 ranked matches under my belt now. The other night I went on a streak and somehow this happened:

    Needless to say, ever since I've not been doing so well - and even had to escape demotion once! Haha.

    The game is so good. There is so much to learn and develop with every character. Even though I have been using Sarah, every now and again I will fight someone else who uses her and does all sorts of crazy shit I've never seen before. This is one of the strengths of the game - everyone has their own style. In 2D fighters I generally hate mirror matches because they tend to be very boring, but in this every person you play is different. I'm not sure why this is - perhaps because of the vast options afforded you by the moveslist?

    It is absolutely infuriating sometimes - last night I came the closest to throwing my stick out the window than I have in a long time - but in the end you never feel like it's a problem with strong characters, it's a problem with you. You didn't out-think your opponent. The number of clutch victories I have pulled off has been amazing - and the same goes for the guys I've fought against.

    I like it so much I even forked out for the customisation bundles! Hehe.

    Anyway, praise over. In short - I like this game very much. Probably my favourite XBLA game so far this year.

    Send me an invite if you want some matches, you fuckers - it's "Cruel Pai Mei".

    Edit: for those of you interested, my BP has gone up since that pic - I think I'm now at 1000+.

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