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    richarddavies wrote:
    i don't really get the celebritys have a moral obligation to fans schtick. I don't know anyone that's ever modelled there life on a celeb. i've known people that like a band or an actor but never actively go out of there way to do what they do. And i don't think anyone that does is neccesary "okay". I just think there given an extra pressure that doesn't need to be there. Now i'm gonna go eat some golden grahams. Fuck cinamon grahams.
    Well big names get thier yoats, houses in Santa manico, first class tickets from people. Maybe if you are right it would just be a general act of politeness to let the people who made you in on things. There is no actual reason not to, unless you an arrogant twat like Sting, who produced shit after spliting his band for his own name :)

    Also neglecting to mention a major feature of your personal life can be for reasons of protecting your career, equally can be for propogating prejudice.
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