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    Kotaku posted impressions. Sounds awesome. ALLIGATORS.

    A few other things I noticed about the game:

    -Liberation has a dedicated jump button, the X button. The right trigger runs, but doesn't automatically jump at ledges—instead, you have to press X to jump. That's a big change from a series that typically hasn't had a real jump button.
    -I watched a sequence similar to more recent console games' horse and buggy chase sequences; the demonstrator tapped the touch screen to increase the horses' speed and held his finger down to make them slow down. I'm unsold on how fun this would be, but then, I didn't like those sequences in the console games either.
    -The game will have an economy like in the console games, though it will be different and "exclusive to the Vita," whatever that means.
    -We have confirmation on the alligators in the bayou sections. There will be alligators. Alligators!
    -The top devs did the requisite fact-finding trip to New Orleans, and a lot of the city's famous buildings are looking mighty nice.
    -Aveline's animations are totally new, and use the same animation tools as Assassin's Creed III; Aveline has a lot of Connor's moves, including pulling up an enemy as a human shield when faced with gunmen.
    -Aveline has a machete, which I didn't see used, and a blow-gun, which I did. While she was in one of the series' ubiquitous haystacks, she fired off a dart that poisoned one guard, luring another over to his location for a good neck-stabbing.
    -The characters in the game are all based on real historical figures, with the exception of Aveline herself; she's an amalgamation. If a character in the game dies, they died in real life at the same time.
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