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    Spent a few hours with this now. Have to say, the longer I've played the more frustrated I've become. On three separate occasions (I'm still in Sequence 1) the mission has seemingly disappeared, I've been walking round looking for the bubble thingy, and it's just not there. I've had to restart the memory and then it's simple to find. It feels like if you walk slightly off course the game just cancels the mission without telling you. On two of these occasions I was walking around for 20 mins before I decided to restart. I've never had to restart a memory in an AC game before like this. The third occasion I just restarted after a couple of minutes.

    Trouble is, now I'm not sure whether I'm in a difficult bit or the game has broken again. during one of the first assassinations I had to use a musket. Couldn't find one. Was this just a tough bit or had the game forgotten to give me one earlier? .

    Positively the game feels great, really smooth running on the rooftops etc... I've found all the touch screen stuff to be well implemented, so far. I'm not sure about the limited abilities of the lady character though, it makes sense logically, however, walking around for 15 minutes without being able to do much felt like I was playing a shit film tie-in game from the 90's.

    I'm hoping another patch will fix my issues. As it is I'm strongly considering stopping playing.
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