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  • daft_punk_909 11 Dec 2012 14:48:56 69 posts
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    Is anyone else still playing this?

    I think it's soooo badly made. I'm on sequence 4 and nearly every other thing I do seems broken. I was looking for clues to find her Mum's hut and took literally hours to work out I was meant to be pressing L1 when I found each one - no help from the game whatsoever.

    I assassinated some fella in a fort and the condition was to assassinate him without being spotted. Fine did that. Then it said escape without being spotted. Fine. Then it said loot his stuff to complete the mission - I'd just spent 5 minutes escaping the bloody fort. Now the game wants me to go back in to loot his stuff?

    So many missions fail before they've even told you what the conditions are. I really like the character and the location, but, I'm really about to give up playing it. It's just not fun anymore. I'm worried I'm going to throw my Vita against a wall fairly soon!
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