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    Gears forum dudes are mentioning the Gnasher as being a pick up weapon in free for all. FFA is a totally different ball game though. I also noticed you no longer pick up ammo from dropped guns, it's auto, and that you can also dual wield the boomshield and gnasher. Avoiding the SP videos.
    That sounds terrible. I'll give it a few goes before totally dismissing it, but it doesn't sound like Gears at all.
    This is one Gears game I will probably skip out on, but not for this reason. Played it at the expo and just really did not think much of it.
    This doesn't sound good! Does it still feel like Gears?
    It sort of did, but then there's things like this.
    If there's no DBNO, it's also possible that there are no executions anymore, unless by having no DBNO they mean not being able to crawl around, but that seems unlikely.

    You only get to choose a single starting weapon, either the gnasher or a rifle (+pistol).

    Still, I'd like to sit down and play it in my own time before I completely write it off.

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