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    killersrquiet wrote:
    I'm wondering how many maps we'll end up at release only 4 confirmed and folks on the epic forum aren't expecting a decent amount.

    More will follow in dlc but that's never the point
    I think I have read we are getting 5 from the getgo, which is very poor, can only assume we will get more via paid or unpaid dlc.
    Gears 2 maps were (and still are)lovely, would love that amount again, in fact I don't understand why we can't have all Gears maps.

    In saying that I play Gears3 several times a week and still only tend to get the same 3 or 4 original maps time after time, which is frustrating.
    I have played over 6000 waves of Horde and believe it or not I have yet to play even 1 wave on a couple of maps.
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