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    I think they did a very good job of not making Baird annoying in this one. He was my favourite through till Gears 3 when his sarcasm and 'humour' were overdone.

    One of the books covered Emergence day and it was great. I think it suited the narrative of survival though and not the gameplay so much, but it would be great to see nonetheless.
    Which book covered e day ? Might track it down on kindle store
    Coalition's End. It tells of why the CoG leave Vectes and end up on boats (at the beginning of Gears 3), but like all the other Gears books it flashbacks back, this time to Cole's story of E-Day.

    It is pretty chilling. Talking of how the invasion begins but is isolated on certain parts of Sera, so while people were aware it was going on they were still happily living their lives and even going to Thrashball matches.

    It covers Cole (who is like the nicest guy in the world) and his decision to become a Gear and the eventual firing of the Hammer of Dawn and the millions of people who died outside of the safe zone.
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