#8754816, By silversun Just how awesome are Microsoft? (the MS in 2012/13 thread)

  • silversun 4 Jun 2012 19:42:31 149 posts
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    The games shown of are some games i would buy, however i cant help but feel id rather be watching about what they going do with windows 8 rather than xbox 360 atm.

    South park and usher where great and it had some classic e 3 moments in it.
    I was rolling my eyes a few times lol but overall it clear microsoft going away from games and trying be an all in 1 device.
    And also good to see the nintendo and microsoft which can rip each others ideas off battle still going on.
    Overall was ok. entertaining but they played on the strengths they know there user base loves call of duty.

    resident evil 6 looked very action horror which i looking forward to game but understand the people want it more like 4 and less like COD, time will tell how it ends up.
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