#9303689, By Gearskin Dead Space 3

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    I really liked the demo. Its here to show off some new enemies, mechanics and systems. Which it does, and quickly.

    We know it still has quieter moments. We've had a video. And Im sure there is more of that.

    Not sure why anyone would complain about the heavier reliance on action. At this point, Issac has been fighting these things for ages. He's gone from being a guy to a soldier. In game one, dismembering necromorphs was new to us. Stressful. Frightening. Now its second nature.

    Issac's character arc resembles ours as the player.

    My ONLY concern is that the story doesnt deliver. Ive played all the games so far (includes Wii, mobile and XBLA), seen the animes, read the comics and books. Im a whore for the lore... I hope they can wrap it up.
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