#9357354, By Telepathic.Geometry Dead Space 3

  • Telepathic.Geometry 9 Feb 2013 12:12:26 12,422 posts
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    Meh, not too impressed so far. It's just constant gang-rape by necros. Even more so than DS2, and my starting gun couldn't cut shit. It took three hits just to sever a leg. Fire-rate was wank too, and that combined with the several enemies coming from several directions at the same time meant that I had to go from Zealot down to Normal very quickly, even though it wasn't too much of a problem in DS 2. :/

    This game is a shooter now. Every time I have to solve a puzzle, it is punctuated by extremely boring waves of the same old fucking enemy. Almost exclusively slashers and pukers, with the occasional swathe of lurkers thrown in to make it more irritating. I can honestly say that - as someone who loved the first and grew to love the second - I'm barely tolerating this. Damn my OCD...
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