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    Im up to Chapter 6 now and Ive done the optional missions I could.

    Playing on normal to enjoy the atmosphere and story, as I totally bum this IP. Played, read and watched everything they put out. I think the universe they've created is fantastic!

    First impressions? Delivers in spades. Its fucking cool!

    With the surround sound cranked up, the intense violence still shits me up. Its not... Or, it never was "horror" of the psychological kind. Dead Space has always been more "terror" to me. More about stressing the player out, making them feel intense pressure and threat.

    Still has that, especially in the quiet moments. I just finished Conning Tower, but had to turn it off as I was feeling too jangled :)

    Oh, anyone who bums the IP like me should defo check out the two books just released. "Liberation" is a graphic novel about John Carver and his backstory.

    The other is "The Art of Dead Space" whuch is just fantastic. A book dedicated to lifting the lid on the design work across all three games. Its actually authored by Eurogamer's own Features Editor, Martin Robinson. He has done a great job!

    Avoid the last pages though, as they go into DS3 spoiler territory.
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