#9531216, By Ultrasoundwave Dead Island : Riptide

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    I had an hour or so with it last night.

    I'll start with a disclaimer : i adored the first game, i thought it was excellent. I loved the setting, i thought the combat was excellent and i found the terrible voice-acting amusing.

    I finished Riptide's prologue last night which, in all honestly, was terrible. The frame-rate was awful, the combat seemed off and i thought that Techland had fucked it right up.

    Gladly, as soon as you finish the prologue, the game starts proper and its like putting on an old, comfortable pair of shoes - the setting is gorgeous, the zombies are great and the combat looks like its been polished a bit.

    So, despite a very worrying start with the prologue, it does seem like a return to form.
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