#9155173, By Neodog Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

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    Mikeeeboy1 wrote:
    Bealsy wrote:
    @JayG I think there's only one really negative opinion on Declassified in this thread, the rest are just pleasantly surprised that it's not total crap.

    I'd say if you can pick it up for under 30 and you like COD multiplayer it's worth a dabble. Maybe just pick it up from Blockbuster for a few days first?
    That solitary negative opinion was me btw.
    I now feel that the reviews have vilified me.
    And all the people who have bought and are " enjoying it"
    stop kidding yourself that it's good.
    It's a piece if unadulterated shit!
    Mike, We know that you don't like this.
    And I am really not trying to take the piss.
    But the game itself isn't half bad,
    plenty of shooty fun to be had.
    Though short on content, for 40 pound
    COD BLOPS Declassified is really sound!
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