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  • Deleted user 12 December 2012 17:26:36
    Garlvinlandblueblood wrote:
    spudsbuckley wrote:
    fletch7100 wrote:
    So far rotten tomatoes is rating is 100% from 9 reviews

    Critics review range from QT best film ever to not QT best film ever

    Review here. Does contain Spoilers

    The overall rating is hardly surprising. QT is criminally over rated. He's the pretentious asshole director than film critics/students wish they were so they love fellating him endlessly.
    This. QT gets away with so many indulgences which other directors get slammed for just because he's 'one of us'.

    No doubt his movies are fun and all, and there are a couple of masterpieces in there, but he is consistently overrated.
    Reservoir Dogs is a great , the rest of his out put is merely alright running to utter shite.

    The Kill Bill films were laughably terrible for instance.
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