#8770053, By Vice.Destroyer Sexual depravity of penguins.

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    This article made me laugh out loud. Amusing to see the sensibilities of a 1912 gentleman be offended by the behaviour of penguins. As the article says "Blizzards and freezing cold were one thing. Penguin perversion was another."

    But don't make the mistake of thinking George Murray Levick was soft.

    Levick's experiences with the Adelie penguins were not the only root of his suffering in the Antarctic. In February 1912, he and five other members of Scott's team were waiting to be picked up by the expedition ship, Terra Nova, but found that pack ice had blocked its route. The men had to spend an entire Antarctic winter huddled in an ice cave with no provisions and only an occasional seal or penguin to eat. "They ate blubber, cooked with blubber, had blubber lamps," recalled one expedition member. "Their clothes and gear were soaked with blubber, and the soot blackened them, their sleeping bags, cookers, walls and roof, choked their throats and inflamed their eyes."

    Remarkably, the men all survived and Levick returned to England in 1913 in time to sign up for the first world war. He served in the Grand Fleet and at Gallipoli, and after the war founded the British Schools Exploring Society in 1932, of which he remained president until his death in June 1956. An obituary described him as "a truly great English gentleman".
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