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    I don't think I will bother getting into the 'next-gen' for a while if at all. PC gaming can bugger off as an option (I use the ****ing things all day and don't want to use one for leisure).

    Publishers are pushing more-and-more ways of creaming money what with Battlefield 3's 'premium service'. I wish people would just vote with their wallets to send out a message.

    In terms of DLC: The only DLC that I remember that was of any quality was GTA IV's. I stupidly bought ME2 and ME3 offering. ME2's was hit-and-miss but I did buy it in the Christmas sale at a 50% reduction. Had I paid full price I would have been a bit annoyed to say the least.

    ME3's was a piss take in terms of length and quality. Never again.

    I am sure a lot of my feelings towards gaming has a lot to do with getting older and becoming jaded so it is hard to know if it is more to do with me than it is the industry. Probably a bit of both I guess.

    I don't seem to spend much time gaming any more due to having other things to do. Only a handful of games in recent years live in my memory and E3 didn't invoke any excitement.

    For some reason the Crysis 3 demo on Gamespot angered me. They seem ever so proud of their graphics and the super-powered PC you need to run it at full blast. Who gives a toss when the gameplay is probably as dull as Crysis 2? Chasing better graphics means sod all when the gameplay is null and void.
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