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    OZ wrote:
    Fuck you Harry, Fuck you.

    LOL,you are just hilarious man.

    Well,I had the luck to hear many "nice" and racist comments because I'm Greek and my English accent isn't the normal(if there is such a thing as normal accent)
    And always from Americans,I don't know why.
    "Fucking German or French"
    "Are you fucking Russian?"
    "What are you,a fucking Mexican or something?"
    (they tend to put "fucking" before everything,I can't understand why)
    Another time there was a guy in post-game statistics called something Sanchez,and my three American teammates started calling him fucking unwashed Mexican,you suck,go back to your fucking country and other nice things.Meantime the guy was trying to prove he was no Mexican and they were all yelling,funny stuff.
    The best for me was when(and this happened two times,both of them with Americans) we are speaking and I tell them that I am from Greece and they say
    "What fucking language do they speak there?"
    "I don't know man,I don't know *loughs* "
    I told them some nice things in the language that they speak in Greece though.
    Also,I have heard a share of racist comments but I don't find any use of posting them here really.
    These guys are a shame to nice,polite,friendly Americans I have played with.

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