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    I've been revisiting my PS1 collection recently. Aslo bought some classic games off ebay (Silent Hill, Vagrant Story, FFVII). I don't know if it's because I haven't been playing current gen games this year (mainly DS/GBA), but the graphics haven't bothered me at all. Tomb raider, Metal Gear Solid etc. still play great. Driver hasn't aged well to be honest, but I'm still having a blast. Bushido blade still looks and plays great.

    Special mentions:

    Rollcage 2 is one of the best looking PS1 games. It's such an underrated game. Some great track design, not to mention the quantity of tracks and unlockable modes (I've spent hours on scramble mode alone). Can get hectic when playing with the really fast cars but it's a real rush when you are in the zone. Some of the best weapons in any futuristic racer.

    Alien Resurrection. Yes the film is shit. And this is definitely a flawed game. But damn, I'm playing this for the first time at the moment and it is freaking awesome! Genuinely scary - it plays more like a survival horror game than anything. Great use of the licence. The sounds are spot on and the level design, although fairly simple, really creates that claustrophobic feeling from the first Alien film. Controls are somewhat awkward (aiming wise). But I like to think it adds to the survival horror aspect (kinda like resi tank controls). But if you use the shotgun in open spaces the aiming is less problematic. Save your pulse rifle for choke points.

    I love the PS1. Annoyingly there are still LOADS of great games I never got to play for it.......ebay time.
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