#8806239, By trip919 Do you still care about Trophies/Achievements?

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    Never really been my thing. While I do like the idea of them and getting a surprise achievement for finding something well hidden or doing something totally random can give me a slight feeling of joy, I never go out of my way for them as most seem to be rather unimaginative.

    My 12 year old OCD self would absolutely lap them up and if I was unemployed, I could see my self getting caught up in them (screw getting my life back on track:)) as in theory they could enhance and prolong the experience of a game (if they were more creative) and if money was an issue I could see that being a godsend.

    Realistically though, I hardly have the time to game anymore anyway, so the idea of spending it doing some rather repetitive action to get a little reward isn't very fulfilling.

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