#9400083, By shamblemonkee Do you still care about Trophies/Achievements?

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    I think that it doesn't help when a lot of them are of the "hooray you started the game! - 10pts!" variety.

    I've always thought they should be of the sort that Geometry Wars did with the Pacifist one; a way of encouraging you to try out different styles or meta-challenges like the sort you see in just cause 2 and GTA for doing things you might have thought of any way but which it's nice to be rewarded for doing - like flying under bridges, flying upside-down at no more than 50ft for 30 seconds, run over 50 pedestrians in 30 seconds, doing a double barrel roll and landing it.. and so on - things that require a degree of skill and invention.

    that should then feed back in to the game in the form of a special skin or other non-game balance item similar to CODs gun skins

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