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    I actually am disappointed by the 1366x768 res, I currently use a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, with a res of 1280x800, it's a nice enough display, but when comparing it to the iPad3 the difference is massively noticeable, browsing photos on the 'retina' display is honestly a real pleasure, the only reason I didn't buy the iPad was because I prefer the open nature of Android, but the iPads display did seriously tempt me.

    I also think a higher res display is more important on a tablet because you're generally going to be holding it a lot closer than you might perhaps with a laptop, etc. I do think this is pretty short sighted by Microsoft, the next Nexus tablet is rumoured to be a 10" tab with a (iPad beating) 2560x1600 display, so it pretty much looks like this is the way it's going for this type of device...Unless you're Microsoft, that is.
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