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    Anthony_UK wrote:
    I'm going to visit the Trafford Centre over the weekend in effort to try and see one in the flesh, it's an awful lot of money to spend on something I've never used or felt first hand.
    I guess I pre-ordered one sight unseen. I really like Windows Phone, so I already know I will enjoy the Surface RT experience.

    CrispyXUK wrote:
    I'd rather use something not shit with a well revised os and a brilliant App Store too, not really sure why people would choose this over iPad or nexus, even kindle
    I own a Windows Phone and an Xbox 360. Surface completes the set. Synchronicity.

    And besides, give it 6 months to a year and the Windows Store will have all the major apps, and more. The inevitable retail success of Windows 8 makes it, well, inevitable. The likes of Netflix, Firefox, Google Search, Kindle, etc are already on it, whereas it took comparatively longer for them to make their way onto Windows Phone.
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