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    Bit of a mini review this, but after a couple of hours play, I can say this about Surface and Windows RT: like Windows Phone before it, I think it excels over the iPad in two key ways:

    1) It's very touchable. Between the live tiles and the clean modern UI apps - which I personally find more fun and engaging than a grid of apps and menu bars - you just want to play with it constantly

    2) Following from the above point, it also feels very 'Tablet 2.0-ish', in that it feels more capable and versatile than an iPad. Little things, like the ability to snap your music/IM conversations off to the side while you browse the web or do sums in Excel, or the obvious example of the stand and Touch Cover, which is a lot more usable than I thought it would be, turning the device into a mildly useful small laptop (and while obviously not the real deal, it can be used on your lap fine, just about).

    Obvious drawbacks of course are the relative lack of apps, full desktop functionality for legacy and power users, and 3/4G data connectivity.

    Personally, I don't use a lot of apps myself, so the suite of stock apps satisfy most of my needs (Xbox Music being a particular delight), and I can't run away from the bloated Intel/desktop paradigm fast enough. As for 3/4G, guess I'll have to be a sucker and wait for Surface 2 for that, but in the meantime, I'm hoping the new Windows Phones will tether easily via Bluetooth at least.

    All-in-all, I am impressed with the Surface RT, think it's a lovely to use and capable device, and my Core i7 laptop has been well and truly relegated to the status of backup computer.

    Conclusion: A few if's, for sure, but if you're after a lightweight and more versatile iPad-like tablet experience in Microsoft's growing ecosystem, and don't mind/aren't fussed about the wait for the app deluge to arrive, then I highly recommend one.

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