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    It seems to be running at a consistent 30fps. Which funnily enough I think is perfect for the artstyle. I'm not sure 60fps in this rare case would be preferable.

    Regardless though, it looks gorgeous. I can't think of another game which would've benefited more from a HD reworking, and certainly can't think of another recent HD remake that looks as amazing as this. Probably Xenoblade Chronicles would come a distant second.

    It's by some way the most beautiful game I've ever seen. It actually manages to take the already stunning looking art style from the PS2/Wii versions and makes it just flat out orgasmic to look at in motion. To the point where I would suggest anyone who didn't 'get' it before (maybe those who gave up after a measly hour *ahem*...) give it another shot, as I'm sure the aesthetics alone will now keep people playing enough to see that it's one of the greatest games of the last decade.

    A HD remake that actually looks like a current gen game? Is that a first?

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