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    I'd say Halo: CE was a bigger upgrade from the original and required the most amount of work due to the almost wholesale reworking of the textures and skyboxes. But Okami looks miles nicer in general and benefits far more from HD. But yeah, I guess it did look like a current gen game, just not a top tier one. This one though destroys most current gen games with it sheer good looks.

    I can't comment on GoW2 as I neither played the original or the remake.

    The most impressive thing about this HD remake though, is that they didn't seem to need to put a huge amount of work into it to make it look even better than most current gen games. The animation was already stunning as is, so all it needed was a resolution upgrade and general sprucing up for it to look as staggering as it does. Which shows just how much Clover managed with the PS2 version.

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