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    2 beef beef patties with crisp bacon, 2 slices of aged swiss cheese, sauteed wild mushrooms, sauteed cremini mushrooms, lettuce, rosemary, and alioli in a lightly toasted sesame seed bun with a rosemary garnish.

    NOTES: The burgers were ground fresh from sirloin steaks. Rib Eye worked better but there wasn't enough fat on the sirloin I got so maybe next time it would work better - still it had loads of flavour and made for a juicy beef patty.

    I used Shiitake mushrooms in place of the crimini because they were the closest replacement. I used chestnut mushrooms in place of the wild mushrooms because, well, I like them better and they stack nicer.

    The cheese I used was aged Leerdammer, even though it's not swiss it seemed close to what the original called for in terms of look and taste.

    I was really pleased with the way this one turned out! Looks really good and nails the look of the original very well. I love this huge big dirty burgers ;-) This was never not going to be awesome :-D 2, yeah count em, 2 rich beef burgers dripping with tasty juices along with cheese, crisp salty bacon, umami rich mushrooms enhancing the beef, fresh lettuce, and lovely garlicy alioli. It's all so classic, it ticks all the boxes. Needless to say it was huge and fucking tasty. I didn't bother serving fries with this one although I did have a nice Belgian beer - leffee. Pro tip: 75cl on special offer in Lidel at the moment for around 2.60ish :-D

    Next week, number 19, it's The Southern Bell

    FOOTNOTE: I weighed myself yesterday... I have put on quite a bit of weight... I wonder if eating massive burgers each week has something to do with it?! Hmmm lol
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