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    @Salaman - I LIVE! ( for now )


    No.24 The Brooklyn.


    A burger version of the ruben. It's a half pound steak patty with Sauerkraut, pastrami, 1000 island dressing, and two slabs of cheese.


    NOTES: quite a lot of variance between this and the original version. Now, I really try hard to replicate the tastes, textures, and look as much as I can, even when I am not that fond of the ingredient, but here is the thing I really HATE rye bread. I could eat it if push come to shove but as part of a burger is so so so so so wrong. So I opted for just an ordinary bun.

    The original calls for corned beef and from what I can tell the corn beef in the US is much more akin to pastrami so I opted for that.

    I used cheddar instead of swiss... because I am an idiot and forgot to order it. That's not as bad as last week though when I was going to make this and I forgot the cheese... and the burger meat. Let's not talk about that!


    Still a damn fucking good burger. As soon as I got my mouth around the meaty monster the juices were drenching the plate. The dressing combined with the sauerkraut make this a really juicy burger. The tangy sauerkraut works well and gives a nice bit of alternative texture. As for the rest it's cheese, meat, and sauce what more is there to say! All in all a damn tasty burger. God! I missed 'em!

    Next up the Mama Mia
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