#8896326, By camo_kill 3DS XL announced, coming to Europe July 28th

  • camo_kill 30 Jul 2012 12:02:03 8 posts
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    Well I'm on my third one...two had scratched screen (little dots on the top screen that followed the frame of the lower screen. The first one had a very yellow upper screen and the second two (yellow) but not as much.

    Just rang customer support - they claim to have not heard of the problem but have logged it in and asked me to return the unit.

    Someone on another forum suggested that it was the adhesive that fixed the screen not drying out - causing a yellow hue to the screen, and that play will dry it out. I smell b.s but I'll give it a week before I return it.

    Weirdly the screen seems a lot more yellow when the 3d is disabled.

    Anybody else noticing these problems?
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