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    What is the screen like for reading books? Is there a lot of glare? I'm trying to decide between one of these and the Kindle Fire HD. I know neither are dedicated to reading, but that will be ONE of the things it's used for.
    I've use this, Nexus 7, all the time for reading, Kindle as well as general news, web, this forum, etc - no problem with glare, although it's not as efficient as my Kindle which has zero of course!
    Ah that's good to hear then! Obviously I don't expect it to be quite as good as the Paperwhite but as close as possible is good for me!

    I've actually added the bloody iPad Mini to my 'potential' list now as well. Spent all day reading review after review for all three devices :D
    Just to update, screen on the N7 is awesome, but in using it today in bright sunlight, at certain angles, you can see yourself reflected in the screen, etc - something you don't get on my bog standard Kindle, and a kindle battery lasts for days of course, but it is just an e-reader only (web browsing is shit for example). Can't comment on the iPad mini, Apple isn't on my radar...
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