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    Picked one up a few days ago from pc world for 199 (32 gig). Got the blue travel case which looks lovely, but hasn't got the magnets (but was 14 quid with the nexus). They were doing a deal on leather cases too.

    Pairing it with a bluetooth keyboard to bash out emails/docs on the go, and downloaded Office Suite 6 HD for a bit of work stuff (annoying to have missed the discount on that..!)

    Mainly using it as a diary (gcal syncs with my aging phone 4)/evernote notebook and browsing machine. It feels like an interactive notepad really. About the same size too.

    Had a look at the iPad Mini which looks like a great bit of kit but I wanted a bit more flexibiity with the filesystem. I've sideloaded flash for a few websites I need to use for work stuff - just makes it a bit more useful to me although a bit of a niche use and not officially sanctioned. Also just getting a bit bored with ios! Also what with cases etc was going to easily be another 100 with less storage.


    I've never really used Android before and have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Widgets etc really useful especially on a bigger screen. Chrome is a great mobile browser. Much easier to multitask and the 'intents' system feels like what services on Mac OS X has always been trying to be. It feels smooth, responsive and flexible.

    The apps I need are available in tablet form (office suite, evernote, notes app (i'm using colour notes), mind mapping etc), and the gmail client is superb.

    Google now is great - don't have Siri on my phone but after playing with both think they are on a par, and the Nexus can do offline speech recognition. Face unlock is fun if temperamental (and not that secure).

    And Gmaps just blows apple maps out of the water. Cannot believe how much better it is. Am getting pretty sick of apple maps anaemic search function! Which reminds me that it has gps and the wifi ipads don't. And can download tiles offline which is handy (have all of greater london downloaded).

    Games are great on a bigger screen and you can hook up ps3 pads i understand.

    Google play market feels easier to use than the app store which is very slow on my iphone 4.


    It would be great to have VGA out so I could use it for presentations but it isn't the end of the world - I'll just upload it to gdrive/email it to myself. Don't miss external storage really, have been installing a few huge games and still have a lot of space left, although need to put some music on it as well.

    The power switch is a touch hard to hit through the case but I seem to be adapting.

    It doesn't seem to like wifi tethering with my iphone so have to use bluetooth tethering.

    The battery life is ok; not great but not terrible either. But I am playing with it a lot!

    The screen is ok but a bit lacking in "pop", also it is annoying that the three buttons at he bottom don't autohide in fullscreen apps, especially in landscape they take up a lot of space.

    If I could work out a way to sync my iphone notes I would be a very happy camper.

    There are less tablet apps in the google play store, so ymmv.

    For the price it's an absolute steal - I was thinking of picking up a cheap netbook but instead have something that feels faster and is much more portable, at the expense of screen size. For me its a good trade-off.
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