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    Steve_Perry wrote:
    Finally caved in an bought a 32 gig 7.

    Can't seem to find any decent widgets. It doesn't have as many stock ones as my HTC phone. Any suggestions? I don't like all the empty space.
    Appy Geek, Currents, most news/email/Twitter apps, etc - of course these can also be added to the 'lock' page (or whatever it is called), and as I keep my apps on the front page in folders there is no need for all that space in any case it seems?!

    On a side note, my son's got a Playbook each for Christmas (from their mum, I would never be so crass...) not a bad bit of kit (for the kids, gaming only), but the Nexus 7 pisses on it from an incredibly high hight...
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