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    Iain815 wrote:
    Yeah, I haven't even started and I've already hit a brick wall, my HBOOT is 1.27 and Revolutionary doesn't support that. So I have to use an alternative program and it requires a lot of shit to be done before.

    Ugghh, I'm not sure I can be arsed.

    Edit: To show you what is needed apparently:

    Be unlocked using the HTCdev bootloader unlock
    Be rooted (have superuser and/or an unsecured boot image installed)
    Have a spare microSD card, or to have backed up all contents of your SDcard, the card will be wiped
    Have fastboot and adb drivers installed and working (windows)
    Have usb debugging enabled
    Have a legth of insulated wire of sufficient length to join the contact points for your device.

    Seriously, fuck that, especially that last bit. I think I'll just settle for a factory reset. I don't need half the apps on my phone now because of my Nexus 7 anyway.
    Ahh I remember the fucking voodoo I had to run through with my old desire z.
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