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    So if I pick up a Nexus 4 phone, can I use it with any network? I'm not exactly a 'phone-person' as it were, so I'm never sure what the hell is going on.

    Basically I'd like to stick with my current T-Mobile SIM and just stick that into it.
    Yes, except if your SIM is not a micro SIM you'll have to cut it down to the right size to fit it in the Nexus 4. Plenty of guides on google as to how to do that, and if I managed it anyone can do it!
    It's not for sale in Belgium but I was in Germany last week and picked up the 16GB model whilst I was there (not on a contract obviously).
    I stopped off at a phone shop from my current Belgian mobile phone provider. They just gave me a micro sim, copied my contacts from my current sim to the new micro sim and 10 minuts later the new sim was activated. No stanley knife involved. :-)

    Really pleased with it. After only 3 days with the nexus I picked up my old phone last night and it felt like a toy phone. So tiny!
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