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    Bah ... I've done a mowgli. :-(
    Although I bought a little pouch to offer a minimum of protection for my phone, since I hate the screen protector/bumper cases, I've been carrying the phone about for the last few days. The pouch was lying on the table at home.
    Went to put it in my jeans pocket, missed the pocket somehow and it hit the floor. I picked it up and put it away. About an hour later, as i took it out, I did think "hmm. That was a bit of a fall, I hope it's OK. Forgot to check even."
    The screen is cracked from the left bottom to the middle of the right hand side. Only the top bit still works.

    I managed to get in via face unlock and by tilting it around a lot I could just about do anything I wanted to do. Should have though about changing the security settings though. I've now had maximum face unlock attempts. I restarted it and i can give in my pin but I can't press enter.

    There's a shop not too far away that replaces the screens for 199 though. I'll be heading over there this lunchtime. :-/
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