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    Greetings, fellow Eurogamer members. I'm Ethan with Mechanist Games, an indie game developer. Now we are working on our debut title, City of Steam, an industrial fantasy/steampunk themed browser MMORPG. (My personal thanks go to Venatio, who approved this thread) :)

    As we are close to an alpha launch staring on July 20th, we decided to hold an Early Preview Contest! Yep, the winner gets an exclusive personalized tour of City of Steam with us, the developer! You’ll get to see and play around the game before anyone else does (major bragging rights)! On top of this you’ll get to talk to us, and bring 2 friends!

    The rules are simple. Simply post a reply to this thread about why you think you should get a tour. This post should be well written and thought out (so a “plz u shud pick me lawl!” won’t quite work), but we don’t expect an essay out of it either, so the length should depend on how much you need to say rather than an arbitrary limit on our part. Quality, a good argument and relevance is what we’re looking for, so don’t feel the need to fluff it out just to make it look longer (not to mention we have a game to make, no time to read gargantuan posts!).

    Winners will be announced on July 6th, and the tour will be given on July 9th. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing the results!

    Want to learn more about City of Steam? Check out our website here: www.cityofsteam.com

    P.S. Here's a recent alpha gameplay trailer of the game, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

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