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    The demo has a fair amount of content in it - after the young driver test, you have a free run in dry or wet in Abu Dhabi, and there's the 5 lap season race at Monza, good stuff.

    I'm unsure at the mo. Grip doesn't feel right to me at low speed, although I've never driven an F1 car! Feels more arcadey and easy, even without TC and ABS on a pad I was having to try to lock the wheels, whereas 2011 was completely at the other end of the scale. I'm surprised at the handling seeing as this is the first year they've had an expert on board to help with physics, but it's definitely arcadey. Having said that, I did enjoy it, so that's the main thing I suppose.

    And I noticed penalties were set as 'reduced' but I seemed to be getting penalties constantly at Monza - for even the slightest touch at low speed. Cars were turning into me at the last second with me ahead and I got the penalty, making overtaking a bit hit and hope. Doesn't bode well as that's what annoyed me most about 2011, very frustrating.

    Graphics are nicer, the game seems to have a better atmosphere and I do enjoy the actual racing. The engine sounds seem much better this year.

    I do like the demo, and I am a fan of the Codemasters F1 games, but may wait to hear impressions this time instead of launch day. I've still got tons to do in F1 2011.
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