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    LetsGo wrote:
    StarchildHypocrethes wrote:
    It wouldn't be a Codemasters F1 game without something fundamentally broken at launch.
    Errm the scary thing is, it isn't broken, according to the devs on twitter its by design no doubt to pander to the more arcade gamers?

    Just to clarify, if you have 25 or 50 percent race distance, the tyres don't degrade.

    With not being able to drive as your fav driver or with your fav team, doesn't appear to be a good year unfortunately.
    Tyres do degrade whenever tyre sim is turned on, however, they will always degrade at the same rate, no matter what race distance you are racing.

    So, if you are in a 50% race, Your tyres should degrade at 200% of their normal rate, however, in F1 2012 they still degrade at 100%. So if a set of options last 20 laps of a 100% race, they will still last 20 laps in a 50% race.

    They still degrade, the problem is that the degrading doesn't scale.
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