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    Impressed they fixed the unrealistically godlike AI grip and insane lap times that were present in 2010.

    Race day, Legendary difficulty. Final few laps of the race, me in a Force India running at a great 6th place behind Schumi and Alonso. Stupid HRT suddenly brakes in the middle of the final chicane instead of letting us three past cleanly.

    Alonso smacks into the back of him. Schumi smacks into the back of Alonso. All very predictable. I manage to avoid a serious accident and quickly jink right during the middle of the final curve getting past all three near stationary cars, however just clipping the left of my front wing on Schumacher's right rear tyre, which I couldn't do anything about as I would not have been able to brake in time. I can't quite believe my luck at running 4th place with just a few laps to go, I'm delirious with excitement.

    Drive through penalty for causing a collision. FOR ME! I check the Race Director. None for the HRT for a dangerous braking move, none for Alonso for ploughing into the back of him, and likewise none for Schumi. But I get one for slightly clipping my front wing, an accident which was so minor it had zero effect on anybody? What in holy fuck is that bullshit about Codies?

    Also, there was no safety car at all despite the fact there were front and rear wings splayed about in the middle of a chicane. And all of a sudden the lack of safety cars and penalties to AI drivers in the previous four races start to make sense, with the game now feeling broken and all the sense of immersion has now been destroyed.

    Complete fucking bollocks.

    Next race... Monaco. Can't wait! /rolls eyes

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