#8826749, By Lukey__b Work, and how it gets us down

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    My work is fine, it's just the idiots I have to work with.

    They're nice enough, but some of them have that thing where they're no higher up than you but seem to insist you do things their way. Anyone could do the job, it's not hard, but you kind of have your way of doing things, then you get these idiots who want you to do it their way.... who knows why. The result is the same and you try to work the best way that suits you, then you have these control freaks who insist their way is best.

    Usually it's fine, but it can be dead frustrating having someone "thinking" they are correcting mistakes you are making. What's more frustrating is the thought that these idiots can be passing on feedback upwards. I've ran into these unaware idiots a few times... thankfully most the time everyone knows they're idiots, just haven't got that confirmed from management about these few yet.

    Thanks for starting this thread. You should have put a full-stop at the end of the title, that's how I would have done it.
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