#8950070, By Der_tolle_Emil This site is getting slow,slow,slow.....

  • Der_tolle_Emil 21 Aug 2012 16:10:09 7,309 posts
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    I'm having huge problems with the page recently and I can trace it back to this:


    It's not loaded all the time - but when it is, the page is unusable. It throws a JavaScript error on every scroll event. According to the profiler of my Browser (Opera 12.01, Build 1532; Or to simplify: most recent version) the javascript engine takes up 99% of the entire time it takes to render the page. Scrolling bogs the browser down for a good few seconds, which really shouldn't happen.

    Not quite sure what you guys could do, obviously it's not your JS code and I'm not even sure if you can choose to load this or if the adprovider forces it but it sure is annoying :)
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