#8842804, By jakuande Is Blizzard past its zenith?

  • jakuande 6 Jul 2012 17:26:11 192 posts
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    The lead guys still with Blizzard, are Starcraft and Warcraft devs : Pardo, Metzen, Chilton, Kaplan etc, and those franchises are still kinda okay. Warcraft 3 was a fun game (albeit overshadowed by DOTA) and WoW was great through to mid TBC and is still a decent MMO. Starcraft 2 is stuck in its ways but still popular on the competitive circuit.

    However, most of the Diablo team split in 2005 and their absence is no doubt a key reason why Diablo 3 is all over the place.

    What does this mean? 1.) We shouldn't have expected so much from an orphaned Diablo 3 and 2.) Blizzard can probably still make some decent ...craft games (and will probably have to if they want to keep their reputation).
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